The Bells

Bells have hung in the church tower since at least the year 1636. Four bells were bought in that year and were re-cast in 1724 when two more were added. These were damaged when the Tower collapsed in 1810.

These six bells were then recast and six more were added and installed in the new tower. They were rung for the first time on 4th June 1814. The tower escaped serious damage when the church was destroyed in December 1940 and the bells were removed for safety thereafter. The present ring of twelve was cast by John Taylor & Sons, Loughborough, and was installed in a new frame in the bell chamber prior to the opening of the new church in October 1952.

Details of the Bells Link to table on ‘Dove’s Guide’ website.
Inscriptions Full textual inscriptions on the Bells (pdf file).
Bell Combinations Table showing the various bell combination options (pdf file).
YouTube Video Recording Pudsey Surprise/Little Bob Maximus (Birmingham Ringers’ practise for 12-Bell in 2011)
YouTube Video Recording Stedman Cinques (Liverpool Band on practice Night)